Analysis, autoscan design, detailing, scheduling and sequencing program or aadspro is a new generation design package which can be used for a number of applications in Civil Engineering. It is integrated with commonly used programs like Etabs/STAAD.Pro and AutoCAD.
The program consists of different modules which can perform the design of different parts of a structure. Aadspro also has the option for designing all beams and slabs in a floor. By this the user gets automatic detailing of reinforcement. 

This program is user friendly both for data and graphic input. Results can be viewed not only in Tabular form but also in a drawing format in AutoCAD. aadspro also gives option for saving to or importing from Excel. 
Another important point in aadspro is that it thoroughly checks the codel provisions like, minimum concrete cover, etc. and give message alerts if the values are exceeding the permissible limits as per Indian British and American codes. 


Beam Detailing

Aadspro beam detailing system is a simple and powerful tool for creating beam detailing drawing with minimum user effort.It reduces the time for creating detailing drawing in AutoCAD.A simple user interface helps these activity more simple and accurate.All the standard codel checkings are done through this system.
The main advantage of this system is, the user can customise the detailing on the design and style properties of the beam.
If the user is using the STAAD.Pro database, aadspro creates reinforcement details with their own beam design module , but in the case of ETABS database aadspro use the steel details from the database itself.
Aadspro gives several option to customise the detailing output. A visual representation of the beam layout help the user to find out the position of the beam in the model for further checking.
Aadspro uses a sectional detailing technique for the creation of drawing. aadspro makes the beam group by analysing the whole model and make the continuity details of each beam. The converting process in beam detailing helps to make these beam group and continuity details.
The Beam Details window shows the arrangement of the steel details by checking the steel required in each section of the selected beam group aadspro listout all the section created by the model in STAAD.Pro or ETABS.

Slab Detailing

Slab detailing module is a tool for generating slab detailing drawing to AutoCAD. In this module aadspro automatically detects the slab area and edge conditions by selecting the layout area in AutoCAD.
This tool helps to minimize the drafting and design time .The simple user interfaces help the users to make the activity more easy and understandable. User can give their own parameters, detailing strategies and detailing style in this process.
Column Detailing
Column detailing module is an easy tool to create column schedule and column layout drawing directly from STAAD.Pro and ETABS database files. Aadspro will check all the column and find out the reinforcement details and make the into group.
At the time of importing STAAD.Pro database aadspro check the anl file (STAAD.Pro output file) and finds out the reinforcement details and shows it in the grid. User can create the column schedule with these reinforcement details otherwise user can design column with the aadspro design module and use it for making column schedule.
Footing Detailing
This module helps the users to create the footing schedule and footing layout from STAAD.Pro and ETABS database. User can import STAAD.Pro and ETABS database file to create schedule and layout.
Aadspro will analysis and check all the foundation columns and extract the design parameters from the imported database. aadspro makes the design values by these parameters and the other inputs given through it, and group it with their width and design values.
Model Creator is powerful tool for creating Staad.Pro or ETABS model directly from AutoCAD . It minimize the time and design procedure in model creation.It automatically detects the beam and column from AutoCAD and make the model within minutes.
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Structural Engineering software integrated with STAAD.Pro ,Etabs and AutoCAD.

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